Singer,Pianist, Composer

Merran Laginestra is a multi-disciplined musician and sound artist.

Born in Sydney, Australia and currently living in Spain

She has played with; Jose Iges, Concha Jerez, Aki Takase, Pedro Lopez, Pelayo Arrizabalaga, Xavier Charles, Baldo Martinez, Markus Breuss, Antonio Bravo and Benjamín Patterson of “Fluxus” among others. She was the pianist in FOCO orchestra of Madrid from 2000 to 2014, and premiered Wolfgang Vostell’s opera “El Jardin de las Delicias” as one of the five sopranos in 2012

Her Current projects include:

Mantiq Trio

Merran Laginestra – piano, sintetizer, voice
Antonio Bravo – guitar
Alvaro Trillo – drums

Duo Bravo/Laginestra

Merran Laginestra – piano,  voice
Antonio Bravo – guitar


Working with live electronics, piano and voice, she experiments with improvisation and composition, drawing on elements from contempory music, jazz, free improvisation and progressive rock.

Merran has composed numerous soundtracks for theatre and television and toured through South America, Australia and Europe.



Music for Birds

2017, WIG : Merran Laginestra-voice, piano, synthesiser

Antonio Bravo- guitar

Elo Masing- violin

 2l2code live in Madrid 

2012,  recorded live at the Hurta Cordel Festival for Improvisation, Madrid

Pedro Lopez-samples, Merran Laginestra-voz/electronica

Never Be Hungry Again

2011, 2l2code -Pedro Lopez-samples, Merran Laginestra-voz/electronica

Memory Stick

2009, 2l2code-Pedro Lopez-samples, Merran Laginestra-voz/electronica


2005,  Pelayo Arrizbalaga-saxophone turntables, Baldo Martinez-double bass,

Antonio Bravo-guitar, Merran Laginestra-piano/voz


2004, Merran Laginestra electro-acoustic recorded at CDMC studios, Reina Sofia, Madrid

Musica X  

1999,  Antonio Bravo-guitar, Gregorio Kazaroff – electronics, Merran Laginestra-                                piano/voice




Minia Convídate A Xogar

2017; director: Mirare Urrozola


2016 Teatro Babaluva

Alfombra Maxica Theatre for Children under 3

2015; director: Mirare Urrozola

Ayer Merendamos en la Luna  Papel Piedra Theatre Company

 2014; director: Elena Octavia Alvarez

Cama y Cuento

2012   director: Larraitz Urruzola; Teatro Babaluva


2011;  director:Santi Prego;Teatro Babaluva

Actos de Juventud

2010 La Tristura


2009; director :Tatán; Teatro Babaluva

Mensaje en una Botella de Plastica

2007  director Jose Prieto; Teatro Buratini

Tic tac Sonidos de una Nave  

2006      director  Larraitz Urruzola; Teatro Buratini

Gina Comina

2003: director: Elena Octavia Alvarez ;Unidad Móvil Company

Ala Marlon

2002  director;Mateo Feijò   


2001;director: Elena Octavia Alvarez, Jane Rigler, Merran Laginestra

Unidad Móvil Company


Los Primeros Días, La Tristura

2013, Director  ~ Juan Rayos y La Tristura


2009, Director ~ Daniel Garibotti


2008, Director ~ Daniel Garibotti

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