Improvisers group based in Berlin

Merran Laginestra; piano and voice

Antonio Bravo; guitar.

Elo Masing; violin

WIG comprises three improvisers from diverse musical backgrounds: Merran Laginestra (piano, voice) – Antonio Bravo (guitar) – Elo Masing (violin). They play freely with jazz and classical references as well as an experimental approach to sound, drawing out every possibility from their instruments. WIG paint within a large canvas, refusing to be pigeonholed into one musical style, unafraid of cliches and allusions in order to search out original pathways to explore. Theirs is a music that draws on the child-like playfulness of spontaneous interaction, the relationships between the members of the group being fundamental to the intricate layers that are woven in performance and lead us into a complex lattice that can be anything from angst to elegant delicacy.


NEW ALBUM “MUSIC FOR BIRDS” now available on CRAM Records


Released May 17, 2018

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dietrich Petzold, tonus arcus studio, summer 2017
Produced by WIG and Kakaduu
Album text by Priit Ruttas
Sleeve image by Gerold, 7 years old
Sleeve design by Simon Tyszko

Supported by
Eesti Autorite Ühing, Eesti Kultuurkapital, tonus arcus

Official album website: www.tiny.cc/birds

Music For Birds


Houston, We have a Problem!
From the album “Music for Birds”
Recorded in Tonus Arcus Studios, Berlin, 2017



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